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Sweden is a northern paradise that offers plenty to do for every type of visitor. Being the largest of the Scandinavian countries, it can be challenging to see as much as you would like in just one trip. Many tourists visit the north of Sweden to see the Aurora Borealis or sleep in an ice hotel, but the south of Sweden is just as special and very different. We recommend choosing 4 or 5 of your desired destinations in the south and taking a road trip, because there is no doubt that you will have to drive.

Of course, Stockholm will be on everyone’s list, and rightfully so as it is the largest city in Scandinavia. However, many other cities in the southern part of Sweden are worth visiting, such as Smögen. Only a few hour’s drive from Gothenburg, it is known for its seafood, beautiful scenery and the Kingdom of glass. If you’re willing to drive a bit longer, Malmö is a city that you need to explore. It has quaint little villages that are filled with diversity and history, and you won’t want to leave without going to Ribersborgs kallbadhus, the open air bath-house from 1898. Whether you visit these cities or choose your own, you will certainly have the trip of a lifetime.

Move Mee’s contactless car rental is offered in Stockholm and Gothenburg and several locations in between. If you’re hoping to explore this beautiful country, rent a car and drive. We can ensure that you will easily and quickly access a vehicle when you need one.


Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport

Borås Downtown

Gothenburg Frölunda Downtown

Gothenburg Aröd Downtown

Gothenburg Central Station

Jönköping Downtown

Stockholm Haninge Downtown

Stockholm Täby Downtown

Stockholm Upplands Väsby Downtown

Stockholm Vällingby Downtown

Värnamo Downtown

Växjö Downtown

Vimmerby Downtown