For pretty much the entirety of the history of car rental the processes have remained unchanged, resulting in unnecessary friction for the customer, with them repeatedly being asked to present their identification and driving licence (even when renting with the same brand on multiple occasions), and of course the long laborious queues and the inevitable hard sell at the counter.

Addressing these staggering inefficiencies this is all about to change thanks to the revolutionary new platform and market disrupter, Move Mee.

Move Mee has essentially digitised the entire car rental experience allowing the customer using the Move Mee app to undertake a one-time registration and upload their ID and driving credentials along with their chosen payment method. These details are then verified in a matter of seconds, giving the rental operator the peace of mind and security of who they are renting to.

As a result of creating an autonomous desk experience, on arrival at the destination the customer can skip visiting the physical rental location and go straight to car, avoiding the frustrating queues and enjoying a new, frictionless experience.

Having been directed by the app to their vehicle on arrival they can simply open the vehicle using their phone as a key (PAAK), utilising technology from Move Mee partner SixSense from Huf Secure Mobile, the first digital key in the mobility sector.

The customer can then undertake at their leisure a full inspection, recording the condition of the vehicle themselves. The customer is able to digitally sign the rental agreement utilising the app with them now ready to go.

The Move Mee platform is open to all car rental operators from local and regional independents, to national and international brands including affiliation and franchisees. There is no cost to partnering with Move Mee other than the rental operator simply needs to decide on how many cars they want to place on the platform, and acquire the car access modules to enable each vehicle to become a connected car.

The system is “plug and play”, with the installation of the CAM not requiring expert intervention and as such can easily be installed by the rental operator. Importantly, as the CAM is plugged into the OBD port, there is no heard wiring required, and the key remains undamaged in the process.

Move Mee not only enables to rental operator to offer a totally new level of service, but also further maximise on the utilisation of their fleet with new better value bookings coming from the Move Mee channel.

In addition, Move Mee delivers a completely new level of flexibility to the rental operator, allowing them to create virtual locations and rental services locally and at airport facilities.

Move Mee has assembled a highly talented management team, bringing a wealth of experience from the car rental, car sharing, and technology space, in order to deliver this game-changing brand.

Move Mee will be exhibiting at this year’s International Car Rental Show held at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas on the 21-24th March 2020.

For more information on partnering with Move Mee visit Visitors to the Move Mee stand at the ICRS will enjoy special show offers.

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