Throughout history, we have always looked to technology to improve the way that we go about our day-to-day life. The automotive industry is no different in this regard. For years, we have used technology to make vehicles safer, more secure and even greener. Consumers have long championed technology that heightens comfort, convenience and efficiency. Contactless technology has been changing industries across the world, and I have long known that this technology could bring many benefits to the automotive and rental industries.

When we launched Move Mee, we truly believed that this was the way forward. Contactless rentals had become an inevitability that would soon be demanded for by the global market. The benefits to removing the need to visit a physical location to collect vehicle keys were abundant from both a customer and business perspective. The worldwide acceptance and use of smartphone technology has lead to not only a demand for 'Phone-as-a-Key' technology, but an expectation that we will incorporate it into our operations. Our platform dramatically reduces delays, increase customer satisfaction and provides an unprecedented level of flexibility, never before seen in the rental industry.

This pandemic has drastically changed consumer demands. Previously, limiting human interaction with technology was seen as a way to improve efficiency, but now it is seen as limiting exposure to a potential health risk. As a result, it is no surprise, that we have seen a huge rise in demand for the Move Mee platform in recent months. We have been the driving force for supplying the market with contactless rentals. Starting with Green Motion and growing with a number of independent, regional and franchised car rental brands around the world, Move Mee is proving to have global reach in a market that has global demand. We are delighted to be able to empower these brands to go contactless and to bring them to the forefront of this pioneering movement that will help them to prosper in a time of economic crisis. We understand the vital importance of acting swiftly and decisively in times like these, which is why our team have worked so tirelessly to ensure that access to our platform is instant and effortless. It could not be easier to add contactless rentals to your business portfolio through the Move Mee platform.

Whilst I have always been confident that Move Mee is the future of mobility, I can honestly say that these events have only served to make this not only a desired revolution to the industry, but a much needed one as well.

Richard Lowden, Founder and Co-CEO