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There is no denying that this pandemic has changed the way that we view the world. With almost every element of our lives being affected, many of us are left questioning when will we return to normality? However, the questions we should be asking ourselves are should we be returning to normal? Can we do things a better way?

It is no surprise that the Travel Industry has been severely hit as many countries across the globe have locked down and closed borders. We are now slowly starting to see Government restrictions being eased and people are tentatively starting to step outside and plan for the future. Last year, we wouldn’t think twice about hopping onto a train or catching a bus; but now we understand the risks of being in close contact with people things are changing. Our relationship with transport has fundamentally altered as the Lockdown has given us chance to pause and consider how we go about our lives, ranging from our daily commute to visiting family and friends to travelling abroad.

Probably the biggest positive impact of the virus has been the sharp decline of CO2 emissions as the world has essentially ground to a halt. This has provoked many Governments to re-evaluate their commitments to climate change and increase their efforts to ensure that when we all start moving again, we do it in a sustainable manner. Recent statistics have shown that the majority of us are now questioning whether we need to own a car at all.

So, in a world where people are avoiding public transport, but don’t want to own a car, what is the future of mobility?

Move Mee is an innovative mobility platform that provides the perfect solution. An app that allows its customers to rent vehicles in a completely contactless and frictionless way. Renting with Move Mee couldn’t be easier. The entire rental process is carried out on the customer’s phone, without the need to visit a physical location or have contact with rental agents. Straight-to-car rentals are the epitome of socially distant and responsible travel.

The Move Mee mobility platform will increase the revenue of your fleet, no matter its shape and size. The possibilities on how you can fully utilise this platform are truly endless, as we can cater for all types of travel, business use and vehicle types.

As the travel and automotive industry looks at how we can recover from the losses experienced this year as a result of the impact of COVID-19, it is more important than ever to acknowledge that our market has changed. By embracing new technologies, such as Move Mee, you can guarantee that your fleet will be able to meet the demands of this new world. Acting now is crucial if you want to be ready for when the world needs your fleet the most.

Move Mee is redefining travel and mobility on a global scale, and you can be a part of this pioneering movement and become the leaders of your industry.

As always, we save the best part until last, there is no cost to partner with Move Mee! You simply need to choose the number of vehicles that you want to display on the platform and acquire the Car Access Module for each vehicle. Don’t worry, our Car Access Modules require no hard-wiring, cause no damage to the vehicle or key, and require no technical know-how when it comes to installation.

To speak to one of our dedicated team now on how Move Mee can help your business be part of the future of mobility, contact us at [email protected]

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