Are you one of the many millions of car owners who is underutilising their vehicle? It is now time to get your car to pay for itself and list it with Move Mee.

If your vehicle is equipped with a start/stop ignition then you are only an email away from turning your underutilised car into a new revenue stream.

Let’s get your car listed

Listing your car with Move Mee is a really simple process. Once you have filled in the form below a member of our Integration team will be in touch by return.

Once the Integration team have established that your vehicle is suitable for onboarding and where is best to locate and operate your vehicle you will be ready to go.

Let’s onboard your vehicle

Onboarding your vehicle is incredibly easy. The Move Mee Integration team will work with our Technical department to arrange for the relevant hardware to be shipped to you.

Once the hardware has arrived, following our easy-to-use instructions our CAMs (Car Access Modules) can be simply installed in between 10 and 15 minutes – no technicians or specialist knowledge required.

Let’s get ready to go

Once the hardware is installed your vehicle will then be made live on the Move Mee platform and Move Mee partner sites and you are ready to start enjoying new income.

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