Whether it is looking to deliver greater control of your current replacement / courtesy car program, expand your local dealer-based rental operation or develop an all-round business and leisure mobility service, partnering with Move Mee allows your car dealership to launch and operate within the car rental and mobility sector with very little investment, while delivering a completely new car rental experience.

An array of opportunities awaits your dealership, allowing you to diversify today to prepare your business for the future of mobility tomorrow.

Let’s get you listed

Becoming a Move Mee Partner Operator is a really simple process. Once you have filled in the form below a member of our Integration team will be in touch by return.

Once the Integration team have established which business models you would like to support and of course where you want to locate and operate your vehicles (supporting airport, downtown and business operations) we will get you ready to go.

Please note it is necessary for the vehicles intended to be operated have a start/stop ignition.

Let’s onboard your vehicles

Onboarding your vehicles is incredibly easy. Once you have agreed the vehicle types to be operated the Move Mee Integration team will work with our Technical department to arrange for the relevant hardware to be shipped.

Once the hardware has arrived, following our easy-to-use instructions our CAMs (Car Access Modules) can be simply installed in between 10 and 15 minutes – no technicians or specialist knowledge required.

Let’s get ready to go

Once the hardware is installed your vehicles will then be made live on the Move Mee platform and Move Mee partner sites and of course will be ready to use in your local dealer operation.

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